Andrea Marti

Andrea Marti one of the wealthiest and popular television Actress is born in Mexico City Mexico, on the 31st of August 1987. Andrea has a reported net worth of $5 Million as of June 1, 2023. Ana Contreras also worked in Mexican television. She is a Mexican soap actor who been seen on Mujer Comprada Profugas del Destino as well Las Bravo is well-known for hosting the Azteca TV Arts and Crafts program Creaciones Magicas. The actress is very popular on social media, having more than 210,000 Instagram fans. Her parents were both Mexican. Andrea Marti is among the famous television Actress in Mexico. Andrea Marti is worth at least $5M as per Business Insider and Wikipedia Forbes. The first time she appeared on telenovelas was in an episode from 2008 on the TV show Pobre Rico... Pobre. Andrea Marti could be single as per the records. Also, she has never been married. Andrea Marti has not been in a relationship since January 12, 2023. Andrea Marti's Relationships Records: No records are available for Andrea Marti. Let us create Andrea Marti's record of dating! Andrea Marti, 36 years old (born August 31st 1987), is from Mexico. Andrea Marti's numerology number according to numerology is 1. She's a famous tv actor. The Mexican soap star popular for her appearances on Mujer Comprada Profugas del Destino as well as Las Bravo has also been honored for her role in hosting Azteca TV art and craft program Creaciones Magicas, as well her involvement as part of the reality television competition Baila Si Puedes.

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