Annie Parisse

Annie Parisse, born Anne Marie Cancelmi in 1975 (born 31 July) She is an American actor who has performed in both television and film as an acting. Her most famous role was that of Alexandra Borgia from Law & Order. Parisse is also known as the character Julia Lindsey Snyder on the daytime soap opera As the The World turns. The name of her stage character was derived by her name and her great-grandmother Anna Maria Parisse. Annie Parisse was introduced to actor Paul Sparks by her mother in 2005. The couple began dating and later got were married. Their son Emmett Sparks was born in the month of October, 2009. They also had two daughters. Annie Parisse is a 31st-July 1975 Anchorage Alaska United States born to Annette Cancelmi, a Pennsylvania teacher and Louis G Cancelmi, an executive officer of the airline (Alaska Air). Her childhood was spent together with her brothers in Mercer Island Washington. They have two brothers Louis Cancelmi - an actor(married to Elisabeth Waterston) and Michael Cancelmi- a teacher who teaches Italian language. Annie was first introduced to acting when she was in college she took part in school productions, plays, and drama. Her big screen debut was on the screen in On the Q.T. In 1999 she had a part in the film in the film as Wendy in a lesser-known role. Her debut on TV was the show As the World Turns.

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