Christina Milian and Courteney Cox

Christina Milian, born in Jersey City New Jersey United States on the 26th of September, 1981, is one of the United States' most well-known and richest R&B Singer. R&B as well as pop star whose debut single, released in 2001 A.M. to P.M. placed 3rd in the charts on the UK Singles chart. Her first role was in Love Don't COST a Dime (2003), which was a comedic film starring teenager actor. For the Jennifer Garner starring Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in which she played the role. Milian then took a break from her music career to begin filming Bring It On : Fight to the Finish. After that, Milian returned to her musical career, she concentrated on promoting her hit single Us Against the World and shot its music video. Since then Milian stated that she has become somewhat more careful in deciding what she felt was worthy to be on the album and resumed recording. The album was a ballad called Stay Euroclub Tug of War, reminiscent of Madonna's 90s fashion and the upbeat track Diamonds which featured Kanye. Pitbull as well as Rick Ross also appeared on Blissful the track, which was recorded by Cool & Dre. Milian was in Be Cool with John Travolta, Uma Thurman. She recorded two tracks on the album. In the movie Pulse, alongside Kristen Bell & Ian Somerhalder, Milian played the main character. It was inspired by that of the Japanese movie Kairo (2001) which was written from the original by Wes Craven and Ray Wright. Milian was traumatized by Romanian filming, where she was subject to racial discrimination and was able to discover she was the victim of a racial harassment and discovered that Nick Cannon cheated upon her. Milian is also known for her role on video game. In Def Jam Vendetta (2003) she is Angel Mob boss's lover. Also, in Need for Speed: Undercover (2007) as Carmen Mendez one of two female protagonists. Courteney Cox....................Courteney Cox is an American actress director and producer. Most famous for her part in the TV show Friends and also for one of the main characters in the Scream movie franchise. Her interest in the acting industry began as the smallest of children. While in Washington DC, she studied architectural studies and architecture at Mount Vernon College. She eventually quit her course and began acting full-time. She had her debut film role Down Twisted. Her popularity began when she took on one of the main roles in the horror slasher film Scream. Commercially, the film had a high level of success. Its budget was greater than ten times what it brought in. The film was also praised by the reviewers. The actress reprised the part in all three films following the original. The actress gained new heights in popularity after she played a pivotal role in Friends, a popular sitcom. In recognition of her work she was nominated and received numerous awards. The series which was an enormous success ran for 10 years. Her most recent work is as a co-star in the drama movie Mothers and Daughters. She won the TV Guide Award in recognition for her role in Friends in addition to the Golden Derby Award in recognition of her role in the film Cougartown.

Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Courteney Cox Courteney Cox Courteney Cox


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