Kristen Welker

In 1997, she had her acting debut at age 13. When she was 13, after attending several classes, and working as a background actor in Canadian shows like Road to Avonlea and Harriet the Spy and Harriet the Spy, she was offered her first part in a spoken role the Canadian Children's Horror anthology Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, both series were aired on YTV. Apart from commercials, Vandervoort also appeared on YTV as and guest appearances in films such at Mutant X and Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story. Goosebumps was also a element of her work. Two years later, Vandervoort played her debut feature film titled The Lookout alongside Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matthew Goode, and Isla Fisher. Vandervoort's first television appearance was on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In the following season, she was cast in the role as Clark Kent's Kryptonian Cousin "Kara Kent", (the woman who would become Supergirl) and appeared in The CW serial-drama Smallville. [2][3][5][8] She was a regular on the show in season seven she also appeared in"Bloodline," season eight's "Bloodline" episode from season eight. She was back on Smallville for two additional episodes in the finale season of the show, also her tenth. Following The CW, Vandervoort shot the sequel to Into the Blue titled Into the Blue 2 : The Reef. The Jazzman was her next independent film. The film also featured Canadian performers Michael Ironside and Corey Sevier. Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen


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