Angela Lewis

Angela Lewis was a born in Detroit Michigan, America on July 14, 1978. She is an actress for Top Five (2014, Snowfall (2017)) and The Last Ship (2014). Lewis was born and raised within Detroit Michigan. Lewis credits her success and enthusiasm to the village where she was raised, the family she was raised in and her close colleagues. She wanted to become an actor at the age of just three. In the next few years, she became an entertainment for her family. Angela Best (nee MacDonald-Janes born 26 July 1952) is an English model and Former Playboy Bunny known as the first wife of soccer player George Best. Many people believe Snowfall is only based on the life of Freeway Ricky Ross a well-known LA drug dealer with links to the CIA. Coker claimed that Singleton's story was much more complicated. Snowfall is the result of several things. Angela Lewis is the Snowfall actor that portrays Franklin Saint's (Damson LDRIS) former sweet, but now sinister, aunt. The first is that she's not Louie as she is thought to be a point of confusion for many viewers of Snowfall on her DMs who tell her how bad she is.As as a reference to The Godfather Part II Louie did kiss Franklin full on the lips. Instead of Franklin in the series' Michael Corleone exposing her as the betrayer of his character, Louie transformed into Fredo and revealed herself. Terrence Scully Brown runs the Bloods of Inglewood. In the third season, he is the antagonist for Franklin in Season 4 as well as during Season 5, he is in a second role.

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