Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin has been an actress across Canada as well as New Zealand for over a decade. Paquin, who was raised in Wellington but was born and raised in Winnipeg began her acting career in The Piano. At age 11, she became an infant Academy Award winner ever for Best Actress. Anna Paquin's full name was Anna Helene Paquin. Born July 24th 1982 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, she was an Canadian native New Zealand actress. As as a young girl, she was awarded the Academy Award for best support actress. Her role as the empathetic and curious character Holly Hunter played in The Piano (1993) brought her the honor. Anna Paquin (left) with Holly Hunter. Holly Hunter (right) in The Piano. Paquin moved to New Zealand from Canada as young girl, and then grew up in the country. She was cast as Flora McGrath the daughter of the mute Scottish pianist, who in the middle of 19th century, moves back to New Zealand for an arranged wedding when she answered an open audition call; she was nine years old and had almost no previous experience as an actor. As a teenager, she moved to America. Paquin appeared as Jane Eyre's title character as a teenager in Franco Zeffirelli's Jane Eyre (2000) and the lead role of Jane Eyre in Fly Away Home (2000). Paquin played Frankie Addams from a television film version of Carson McCullers' book The Member of the Wedding (1997). Paquin had a supporting role as the Queen of Spain Steven Spielberg's Amistad (1997. The role she played was for teenagers on Hurlyburly (1998), She's All That (2000) as well as A Walk on the Moon (2000). The actress played her character groupie Polexia Aphrodisa on Almost Famous (2000).

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