Pics of Ana Zanotti

Ana Maria Zanotti, born in Cordoba on the 8th of June 1952, is an Argentine director and writer. She is a director and writer known for Seguir siendo (2000) Escenas de la vida en el borde (2002) and Mixtura de vida (2002). Anais Zanzotti is a former model of France that was featured in many male and celebrity magazines. Her fitness modeling has been published in several sports blogs and web magazines. Now, she is a full-time online personal trainer with a large following in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anais Zannito has reached 41, according to her January 8 birthday, 1982. She studied in St. Thecle in France from 1991 to 1998 and studied marketing. Anais has been certified as a Personal Trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2013. The NASM's Weight Loss Specialization, Women's Fitness Specialization, and Women's Fitness Specialization are part of her continuing educational units. Anais studied acting in the Miami Acting Studio with Ralph Kinnard. Stuntwoman. A certified professional Skydiver. Fitness Model. Actress. Online Trainer. Personal Trainer. Deco Models South Beach Miami Florida United States represents her. Anais is the wife of airline pilot Gregory Jon Frank who works for ExpressJet Airlines. She was his skydiving student at the time she took her first leap. The couple dated for approximately two months prior to getting married.

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